CCSB Databases

CCSB Human Interactome Database
CCSB Human ORFeome Collection
CCSB Human Isoform database

Edgotyping data

List of disease mutations from Sahni et al. Cell 2015
Disease genes currently being attempted
Disease alleles currently being attempted
POPCode project
DMS project
Please contact us about our current protein interaction screens

Other Databases & Resources

PePPeR Personalized Perturbation Profiler
Proximity Drug-disease proximity based therapeutic effect screening and analysis
DIAMOND DIAMOND: disease module identification algorithm
Silencing method Network link prediction by global silencing of indirect correlations
Network Science Network Science: a textbook by Albert-László Barabási
FuncBase FuncBase: a resource for quantitative gene function annotation
FuncAssociate FuncAssociate: a resource for gene set enrichment analysis
Network Resources CCNR network resources and analyses
GeneSigDB GeneSigDB: a curated database of gene expression signatures
PathwayPalette Pathway Palette: a rich internet application for peptide-, protein- and network-oriented analysis of MS data

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