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Genomic Analysis of Network Perturbations in Human Disease

Genetic differences between individuals influence susceptibility to disease. The Human Genome Project, the HapMap project, the Human Cancer Genome Project, and next generation disease-targeted sequencing projects, have greatly accelerated the ability to find genetic variants and associated disease genes. Despite these advances, linking individual genes and their variations to disease remains daunting. Even where a causal variant has been identified, the biological insights have been slow in coming. The phenotypic effects of functional sequence variants are mediated through dynamic networks of gene products and metabolites. Making sense of genotype-phenotype relationships thus requires that phenotypes be viewed as manifestations of network properties, rather than simply the result of genomic variations considered individually.

Phase I: Network Perturbations by Viral Proteins

The first phase of the CCSB CEGS project was dedicated to the proposition that pathogens such as viruses and genetic variations induce similar disease network or systems states by influencing local and global properties of cellular networks. more …

Phase II: Edgotyping Initiative

The continuing efforts of the CCSB CEGS project are dedicated to the proposition that it is the edgotype, the sum of all interactome network edges perturbed by a particular genotype, which drives the phenotype. more…